LCD Display Problem

Nov 22, 2011
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Here's my mac:
Early 2008
Macbook Pro 15.4" 2.6 Ghz Intel Core dueo
2 gb Memory
Lion 10.7.2

My display is completely dark, so I brought it in thinking it was the logic board having problems with the Ndivia graphics. It connects to a monitor, so it wasn't that. They guy said it would probably be the cable on the right because the hinge was loose and may cut it. I opened it up and it looks like the display cord isn't cut, but it overheats, and there is also a brown line on the paper showing that it gets really hot. I tested this out and it burned my fingers.
Is it for sure that it is the display cord, or could it be something else? How much would it cost to buy another display cord
593-0766 B
Foxxcon 3608

Thank you

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