KVM options for a new mac and pc user



I just recently purchased an iBook G4 and I want to use it as my primary PC.

I already have an IOGear ps/2 KVM switch, but the keyboard and mouse problems leave me out in the cold with the MAC since there is no ps2 on it.

I have a PC with PS2 & USB inputs, I have a current keyboard and mouse that are both PS2, but I just ordered an apple USB keyboard and mouse.

Maybe I should just go with a dock and a monitor for the ibook. It would be nice to save some energy with only one monitor, and some desk real estate with one keyboard and mouse.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what route I should go to be able to share a keyboard, video, and monitor (and usb would be nice too ;-).



got the greatest anwser to your question if your running XP microsoft release a free download off the mactopia website which will allow you to remote desktop to your pc, that way you can control your pc from your mac with a lil window...no need for an xtra monitor and other pc cludder...plus you have a mac...what would you need the pc for now anyways ;)
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I had the exact same problem, and I solved it by using a PS/2 to USB converter. You plug in both your keyboard and mouse (or just one) into it, and it plugs into a single USB port.

It's really nice having the switch, so I can quickly flip back and forth between computers. However, I don't recommend PowerbookG417's suggestion, to using a software client to do it. You'll experience a LOT of slowdown, and it won't be very useable. I use it to log into my server now and then, and it's okay for that.


Hi Guys
I am in a similar situation. I have an old G4 and a G5 next to each other- I'm happy to have two sets of keyboards and mice, but would like the G4 to share my G5's secondary monitor.... any good little switch that I can use to quickly flip between secondary G5 and G4? do things like different screen resolutions on different machines make any difference to this?

I'm not worried about sound or anything on the G4- I only need the monitor...


Try the Belkin KVM switch. I have the dual head model so I can run dual monitors on all computers (model #F1DH104U)
I am running 3 PCs and A G4 500 all w/ Dual monitors, one keybaord, one mouse. It works pretty well. They also have a PS/2 version. It supports ridiculous resolutions (2048X1536 @85Hz) and each machine can run independant resolutions on each screen.

i.e. I was running 1600X1200 on my main monitor and 1280X960 on the secondary, but have since changed it to 1600X1200

It also has 2 extra USB ports that can be shared between all CPUs.


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