Kernal Panics! Please Help!



i have been having more and more kernal panics. at least 7 in the last week...and 3 yesterday alone. i tried all the suggestions that other people gave me, such as first aid in the disk utility thing, but to no success. i went to mac for stability, but so far it's been even worse! what do i need to do???

i've been told that it may be because my computer is only a few weeks old and i'm on the first install. should i try erasing and reinstalling everything? will that make that much of a difference? if so, how do i go about doing that?

please help!
Jun 25, 2004
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Luxemburg, Europe
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PowerMac G5 Dual 2GHz (June 2004), 2.5GB, Airport, black 5G iPod 30GB, white MacBook 2.0 2GB
Erasing and reinstalling is a good idea, if you're still running on the first install...I don't know why, but the install that comes on new Macs never is stable for a long time... :(

But before that, you should run the Apple Hardware Test, to be sure there's nothing wrong with your hardware (especially RAM).
To do this, put in the System disk that came with your Mac, restart it and immediately press the option(alt) key, keep it pressed until you get a multiple choice screen. It should show you at least 3 options: OS X on the harddisk, OS X on the CD/DVD and the Hardware Test.
Click on the hardware test and run the full test. This will take a while, so you can go and do something else. If your hardware is ok, wipe your disk and reinstall the system.

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