Kensington PocketHub opinions/alternatives?

Oct 3, 2011
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Campbell, CA
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Late 2007 MacBook Pro, original iPad, iPhone 4S
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a dock or hub that'll work for when my wife and I travel. Sometimes we don't bring a laptop and only have our iPhones & iPads. I wanted to only have to carry one device that'll charge all four of these.

I thought I found the solution in the Kensington PocketHub™ 3-Port USB and Sync so I bought one from

But, when I got it I believe I got a defective unit. When I have it plugged into AC only (the PocketHub not plugged into any USB port) I can charge my iPhone when in the dock but not through any of the three USB ports on the side of the PocketHub. I exchanged it at and the replacement unit behaves the same.

I called Kensington and they're telling me that both of these units are defective and will exchange it for me. They also said that the person at the warehouse will actually test it before sending it out (I really doubt that'll happen).

So, does anyone else have the PocketHub? Will your USB ports charge an iPhone when only plugged into AC?

Are there any other recommendations for other devices that'll charge two iPhones and two iPads?


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