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Just saying Hello

May 22, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
Well I suppose I had better introduce myself, having posted already.

So my name is Steve C Thompson and I and the family are coming over from the Evil Empire. Although I have yet to get my hands on our new iMac. It being at the family home and I work away from home on extended periods.

So home is in Bedfordshire England, and me I'm in Den Haag, Nederland.

Outside of my work as a consultant in mobile comms I have what my family say is an obsession for photography me I say it's a serious hobby :D .

The reason for going for Mac, was we are getting sick and tired of the poor reliability of the old PC and Windoze crashing when asked to do something more complicated than running Thunderbird. So when it died two weeks ago, My son with some advice from me, went out and bought the iMac 20". My wife is getting used to it and managed to migrate her documents over.

Although for work and whilst I am away I will still use a PC untill my budget allows me to purchase a Macbook Pro. I think One iMac and a new Nikon DSLR in one month is a bit much .

So that's me. I hope I get a lot of help here and if I can offer a humble opinion from time to time I trust you all will oblige me.
Jul 18, 2006
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Welcome! Glad to have you join us. Will be looking forward to hearing from you after you get to spend some time with your new computer!

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