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Dec 30, 2002
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Sunny So Cal
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not the group with the second golden voice of rock and roll, Steve Perry, but my journey through Europe. It hasn't happened yet, but hopefully by next summer I'll be walking through fields in Italy, the streets of London or somewhere in between.

I've been reading a lot of other people's travels, stories and tips of the road. I know many people here live or have been to Europe, and hopefully have some input on the following questions:

-What countries tend to have welcoming communities towards traveling students?
-How much of the population through Europe speak english? (as thats the only language i speak)
-How much does it cost for a student rail pass and how long do they last?
-Any other information you have is greatly appreciated. I'm sure I'll have many more questions between now and then.
Feb 9, 2005
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MacAddikt said:
not the group with the second golden voice of rock and roll, Steve Perry


Had a bunch of friends travel to spain and said even though they spoke spanish somewhat, it wasn't really needed (but made it more fun to talk to locals). I also hear good things of Italy. On a related note, my school keeps pushing internships to Italy. Would be cool, but not sure if i want to (though it's cheaper than out of state tuition!!?!!)

...now that I think of it, I think one of my friends lived in germany for a couple months (not speakin' a lick of german) and eventually learned some (though I understand you'll only be passing through) but he liked it.

...Third thought, I hear a lot of people in Amsterdam and Holland area speak english (due to the England influence and such). Hope your trip goes well... whenever it comes together.