iWork 08 issues with layout using drawing tools


Jul 7, 2008
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Hi all,

Just trying to get used to iWork 08, i'm struggling with a few things though I must say i'm getting used to it. I love it for its design and intuitiveness, but unfortunately this is causing my current problem.

I want to draw an arrow so that it is just underneath my sentence showing that a word is describing what is behind it.

i.e. the big dog which barks all day....

The word which is the pronoun for the big dog so i want an arrow going from which to the big dog (i'm currently doing teacher training).

Whenever I put the arrow close to the line of text the text moves and opens up, I think as part of cover flow, I like this feature but I don't want it to work here, I want to be able to put the arrow as close to that line as possible, otherwise it doesn't look in synch.

Can someone help please?


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