iTunes song titles gone but only from grid view after plugging in 2nd iPod

Feb 16, 2010
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Hi, I'm new-1st post. I tried my best to find this with searches but haven't seen anyone else with this same problem. I'm very familiar with iTunes and have used it for years. with the Macbook I got about a year ago, I plugged in my son's iPod to give him some of my music. When I did, I had iTunes on the "grid" view (list, grid, or cover flow) which is the one I usually use, and all the song titles when you click on an individual album disappeared. When I right click and hit get info, it still shows the title in the box, the songs will play when I click on the blank lines and all song titles show up in the "list" and "cover flow" views- it's only in the grid view when I try to look at an album's tracks there that they're gone. And, my son's iPod worked fine and mine does too when I plug it in. I've been working around it when I add music by switching views, but it's a real annoyance. I've even updated iTunes since this happened, but it didn't change anything. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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