iTunes Setup (after 7 years)

Oct 18, 2011
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Hi, i have been using iTunes for almost 7 years now however i seem to have it set up a lot differently than most users...

I have my iTunes NOT TO SYNC with my phone and i MANUALLY manage my music...

The reason i done this was because i do not want iTunes sorting my music...

When i am adding music to my iphone, i simply drag the music over and then the mp3's are are stored independently on my iphone and iTunes does not need to see if the files are on my laptop as well as on my phone

However i have just moved over to mac and i have been told that iTunes runs much better on the mac. I am also getting a new iPhone so i am thinking of using iTunes properly...

My Questions:
- how does iTunes manage your music... i have 40gb of music stored in a specific folder on my laptop... if i copy the music over to my iphone, will iTunes create it's own separate music folder and it's own iTunes copy of each single mp3 (apologies, i am sure iTunes is a lot different from when it first came out)
- what are the best setting for the iTunes... if i have it set to sync... can i untick the music in iTunes that i do not want to transfer to my iphone but at the same time keep them in iTunes... is that how it works, thanks in advance for you help...

Apologies, i am not aware of the latest features of iTunes as i have not really changed my set up since iTunes first came out

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