iTunes issue

Jul 7, 2010
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hello all -

we have an iTunes install where the primary account keeps requiring us to log back in. we are able to create a new account without this problem, but the primary account keeps requiring us to log back in every time.

apple customer service had us totally remove iTunes and reinstall it, but that didnt help. apple customer service also had us reload the OSX (while preserving out data), but that seemed a bit extreme, and didnt fix the issue.

the revo-uninstaller didnt find iTunes (it was worth a shot).

i am thinking there is a "trace" of the original primary account on this machine, and i should be able to issue some sort of command like:

find . -print | grep -u itunes ;

to try to find it.

does anybody know where the iTunes primary account name might be? does manually removing it sound like a good approach?

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