iTunes driving me mad

Oct 19, 2012
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Ok so after figuring out how do edit the sort artist and album artist and stuff and how to add songs manually I was pretty ok with it but recently I'm getting really pissed.

So one problem I've noticed is on my iPod some albums have the album artwork but it wont show in the view of albums artists-albums and its blank but if you click on the album it will show.... very annoying.

Then heres where I am really OPed I just ripping in Taylor Swifts 1989 right and sense I have 1 Taylor Swift song from the hannah montana sound track or some **** doing nothing else but ripping it and putting it on my iPod it it changed every **** Swift song to Hanna montana as the artist.............. ok so after looking around and finding them I selected all of them and changed the artist, sort artist and album artist back to Taylor..... It moved like half of them..... the other half are still under hannah montana ***.

Then I have noticed a few versions of iTune back they got rid of some artwork? Atreyus the Curse is the wrong pic and Bullet For My Valentines first ep use to show up and now it says cannot find artwork

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