Issues with loading Photos onto my iPAD

Nov 28, 2011
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BY way of background - Keen (not good) photographer with lots of Photos in albums (called for example - 2011.11.09 Zambia Safari Collection) on MS PC. Wish to load copies onto my iPAD in those same Albums and in the same Order - they having been sorted in both Date & Time order and Numerically - jpeg.01, jpeg.02, jpeg.03, etc. However, I find that when copied over using the iTunes sync facility, they invariably appear in haphazard order & in random Albums.

Maybe, I am doing something wrong in the 'iTunes sync' process - so a complete recap on exactly (I admit to being spectacularly poor with technology, so idiot-proof destructions are essential) what I should be doing might be very pertinent.

Or ...... - is it something else ......?

Many Thanks for any insights/advice and counsel

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