Issues with Apple and my PB G4



I have recently bought a Mac. I was always a PC user and depsite my new found love for Mac's I have to say their customer service is horrible.

I had a display issue with my mac and had to send it back. In addition to the dispaly issue there was an unusual clicking in the fan and the casing was lose. After a major delay (3 weeks) I recieved my Powerbook back not completely fixed and there were two additional problems. The lower casing was almost completely broken and the PCI card slot had been completely broken (all new problems).

They refused to give me a new computer claiming they need at least 2 attempts at fixing computers. Reluctantly, I sent it off again. When I got it back the card slot was not completely fixed (i.e. the button that ejects the card didn't work all the time and had to be pressed several times to get the card to come out and cards do not slide in properly. There seems to be some sort of obstruction). Also when I play movies where there are fast scenes there is some sort of line (invisible) that splits the screen. Is this normal?

At this point I am completely fed up with Apple and am wondering why I bought the computer. It's a shame because they truly are supieror computers but they need to work properly. Thanks.


well, try apple's been fixed twice right?..and still isn't working? they have to give you a new one, right?
Mar 9, 2004
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Miami FL
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G4 1Ghz OS X 10.4.7
Well there is variation in service quality I guess because the store here is handling repair very well. Take it up with Apple main office and things should get better!

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