iPhoto crashing after upgrade

Apr 16, 2011
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NE Ohio
Good morning, all! I contemplated posting this in the forum dedicated to graphics and fancy stuff, but I was hoping you guys would talk slower and use smaller words to help me in here. Hope that was okay. I'm a newb!

A few days ago, can't remember when exactly, my Software Updater popped up and said there were updates for iPhoto and a couple other programs. No problem getting those updates.

Last night was the first night I'd opened iPhoto since the upgrade. As soon as I did so I got a popup saying something about my photos needed to be updated, and once that was done they wouldn't work with any older versions of iPhoto. Alright, whatever, I trust my Mac. Was this a mistake?

As soon as that message disappeared, I plugged my camera into my computer via it's USB cable to upload some pictures into iPhoto. Immediately when I turned my camera on to start the process, iPhoto shut down and I got an error report that is VERY long. I tried again and the same thing happened.

I can open iPhoto, look at photos, play with them, etc, but I can't upload pictures from my camera. Help?

I have the Macbook Pro, 13", i5, that was just released earlier this year. I still have Snow Leopard. And I was a Windows person for 20-some years, so like I said, please speak slowly for me!

I appreciate any assistance!
Sep 10, 2011
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Your Mac's Specs
MacBook Air M1 2020 Ventura 13.4.1 500Gb 8Gb. iPhone12, Watch 5, HomePods.
Try some basic maintenance first for example, re-starting your machine. Then repair disk permissions in Utilities/Disk Utility/ select the Hard drive which is likely the one at the top of the list /repair disk permissions.

Also check the General settings in iPhoto preferences and make sure that "Connecting camera opens:" is checked to iPhoto in the drop down menu.Close the app and then plug the camera in and see what happens.
There is a good sticky in the OSX forum here:



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