iPhoto 08 problem - advice needed


Mar 4, 2010
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Hello all,

My mother bought a Mac a couple of years ago for digital photography, got started with iPhoto 08 and happily started stuffing it with photos - 39Gb worth so far! She's much better at shooting and importing than editing :)

About a week ago it began to display exclamation marks instead of photos, initially on shots she'd printed, but the effect now seems to be rapidly and randomly eating its way through her collection. I've checked that the photos are present in the library, but the database is obviously corrupt, and asking iPhoto to rebuild it or revert to originals has no effect.

Since I'm her primary computer aide (but not a Mac owner) and she's essentially computer illiterate and rather annoyed, what should I do about it? Does she need to trim her collection below a certain safe size? Can I rely on Photo Library Manager (which I haven't had a chance to try yet) to fix it? Should I get her to switch to Picasa or some other photo organizer?

I suppose I could rebuild the iPhoto library manually, but it'd be a major task and pointless if the same thing is likely to happen again. Any advice would be appreciated.

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