iPhone upgrade quirks

Jan 30, 2011
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Sorry, but did not know where to put "iPhone software" question.
Since installing the latest iPhone update, my iPhone 5s has developed some kinks. Some resolutions may be simple and I'm just missing it.

1. I cannot get the phone to stay open for 5 minutes as I set it. It closes immediately.
2. I cannot get the screen to go horizontal, either for pics or for texting.
3. How do I merge my iPhone mail with my Mail software on my MacBook? When I read/delete a message on my iPhone, it will not respond in kind with my MacBook. I thought I had done that before on the mail app but no luck.
4. Am I supposed to download every song when it has the cloud beside it with the arrow pointing down? I'm guessing that just gives me a "hard copy" on the phone vs. being in iCloud and freeing up space.

Oh, as per usual, I am techno-impaired. Give the boomer some grace.



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Jul 17, 2009
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Thread moved to appropriate forum..

1. I haven't seen this issue with my 5S with my current Auto-Lock value of 1 minute. Reconfirm that it's set to 5 mins and are you unlocking the phone (either with passcode or sliding) and then on the launcher finding that it doesn't stay wake for 5 mins?
2. Do a hard reset of the phone by holding the Power and Home buttons at the same time until the phone restarts..
3. Ensure you are using IMAP for both the Macbook and iPhone and your changes in one will be reflected on the other.
4. I don't do songs on my iPhone so no idea. With apps, however, the cloud icon with the down arrow means to get a copy of that App on your phone if you've downloaded/purchased it on another device and have NOT enabled automatic download..

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