iPhone 4S Apple ID problem

Jul 31, 2011
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Today I upgraded from a 3GS to a 4S. It is a brand new phone from an Apple store.

After I backed up my data from iCloud to the phone it prompted me for 3 different Apple ID's.
1 was mine, 1 my partner and 1 that is not and has never been anything to do with me.
I quickly entered my password and that of my partners but have no idea about the rogue account.
It is VERY annoying as the phone, at random intervals, asks for my partners and rogue accounts passwords.
Obviously I type my partners in every time.

How do I stop these accounts randomly popping up for their passwords?

I have tried logging out and back in with my account and password to no avail.

Will a complete delete and restore stop this?

I have heard of a similar problem with people buying apps with different accounts and then having trouble updating apps but this is different.

My partners password prompts (i presume) because we share music so I have a few songs on my iPhone that she purchased. But why oh why do I have to keep typing the password in???

Any help would be appreciated.

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