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Sep 6, 2011
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San Francisco
Lately I've been over my data cap with AT&T and have been trying to cut data usage. I do most of my downloading, etc., at home when connected to wifi, but I was wondering when the iPhone 4 uses data (specifically)? I heard it uses data with push notifications and even voicemails which I find odd? Is there some sort of list I could refer to in order to find out when exactly it uses data?

thanks in advance
Jan 17, 2010
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If you have a lot of push notifications and other apps that access the internet in the background then as you have found out you can use more data than you will realize. I personally turn off my data access whenever I'm not using it. This way I know for sure that nothing is accessing the internet in the background. You can do this in the settings section under general.

It's quicker than turning off and on push notifications for each app one at a time. The visual voicemail feature downloads your messages to your phone so that you can see who left the message and it allows you not to have to call your voicemail. This is why it also uses data. If you keep your data off then it won't download your messages. When you call your AT&T voicemail and listen to your new messages I don't believe it downloads them once you turn on your data again.

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