iphone 3GS goes into emergancy shutdown in cold weather

Feb 19, 2010
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My 3GS goes into emergency shutdown when in cold weather. When I say cold, it's not that cold really, In the car in the mornings it will do it at about 5oC or so. It says to plug into itunes to restore. If i keep it in my pocket for a while, 30 mins or more, it will work again without needing to pluig into itunes?
Does this happen to anyone else or anyone know why it does it. I have friends that it doesn't happen to in identical situations.
Please help!
Jul 2, 2007
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Going Galt...
Your Mac's Specs
Not exactly the same here, but I've noticed that when it gets below 20 degrees F here in Minnesota, my iPhone's speaker sounds garbled when the phone rings, email chime alerts, or the like. The iPhone is also sluggish and often Safari and Mail crash when it's below zero. My guess has always been that, since flash memory is essentially purposed electromagnetism, battery charge reduces by orders of magnitude the further below water's freezing point the battery goes and reduces voltage. I assume the iPhone channels voltage to critical applications based on some sort of logic, based on available power. If it's cold enough, it would make sense that corruption of data could occur on a flash based system, which would not occur on a HDD based memory system. It might also disable certain subsystem to prevent corruption of data, which could account for erratic behavior of the device. Keep in mind these phones don't have a big nasty CPU releasing energy as heat to the same degree as a laptop or desktop computer. Just a though, I could easily be way off.

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