IPad not connecting to Internet

Jun 26, 2011
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OK for the Moderator to remove this posting....

EDIT: I don't see a place to delete this posting, but 98% of my problems have gone away since I powered my IPad off and on. It seems to be working now. I should have tried that earlier, but the obvious sometimes isn't obvious to me right away. The ICloud Drive is still upgrading, but that may just be my slower connection speed.

Last night, my grandkids were using my IMac and fiddling with Dropbox, ICloud and Appleshare and whatever else they needed.

Today, my IPad will not connect to the Internet. It says that ICloud Drive is upgrading, but the spinning wheel never stops. I don't know if any of this is just coincidence, but I need my IPad back.

Whatever help might be offered would be GREATLY appreciated. I can't get mail or anything on the net.

Thank you!

Edit: I should have stated more clearly that my Internet connection is fine. My IMac still works like it should. Same router, etc.
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