iPad as "thin client"

Mar 28, 2006
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curious to get thoughts on whether the iPad's "best and highest use" might be as a highly portable "thin client" rather than as a big iPod Touch.

I tested an iPad at my office over the last 4 days primarily to see how running a virtual desktop would be. It was pretty darn good. Not perfect, and you wouldn't use it to write a 20 page report, etc. But to be able to access your work desktop on the go without having to boot up a laptop, be able to shut down instantly, etc., it sure made the iPad suddenly a lot more useful.

As someone whose household already has 3 iPhones and 2 iPod Touches, 2 iMacs and an iBook, I don't have the need for a $700 device just watch media, surf, and check mail.

But . . . if that device lets me have access to all my work stuff then I'm interested because the size, weight, battery life, ease of use really make the iPad a great travel tool.


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