IOS and PDFs

Nov 14, 2010
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Orange County, NY
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iMac-21.5"(2017):OS Catalina 10.15.2 IOS13.3 iPhone 8+ iPadpro v2
The other day I was creating and then editing PDF documents for my daughter's classroom. As I completed each, I emailed them to her. She opened them first on her iPhone and then on her classroom computer. PDFs were created by saving a word doc to PDF, saving from Acrobat Pro and directly from my iMac's printer function. I also had opened an existing PDF using Preview, duplicated and exported. As long as these were original PDFs, her iPhone allowed her to view them. Opening on her computer (Mac) was also no problem. However, when I made edits in Preview (adding text) and editing with Acrobat by adding text, those edited PDFs were not viewed correctly on the iPhone in that the edits were not being seen. They were on the computer but not her IOS device. When I heard what was happening, I tried to email those PDFs to my iPad and I too found that the edited parts were not visible, only the original PDF. I then opened a PDF with Photoshop, added some text and then reserved as a PDF and THAT edited PDF was visible on IOS device. Why would edited PDFs not be visible on IOS but fully visible in OS X?

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