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Feb 25, 2003
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Tropical Island, Jealous?
Your Mac's Specs
MacPro 3.0Ghz 16GB RAM, 4x256 Vid, 30''cinema display
o this is cool. Whered ya find this site?

:( found a spelling error on that site:
Both XP and OS X could use help here. For instance, though both OSes display feedback at various points durint startup, both also have intervals during startup where no feedback is displayed. Further, neither let you know how long the startup sequence will take. That is also true when launching applications- neither OS notifies you of how long an application launch will take.* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

for those of you who hate reading, I read it all for you, and got the scores.
Activation: OS X Wins
Real-time feedback during pauses: OS X Wins
Move/resize windows at borders: XP Wins
Cursors, Context sensitive: Tie
Moving Windows Offscreen: OS X Wins
Menus, Context sensitive, Accessing: Tie
Fitt's Law, Adherence to: Tie
Dialog boxes: OS X Wins
Drag and Drop: OS X Wins
Window stacking: OS X Wins
Maximize vs. Zoom: Tie
Navigating the file system: OS X Wins
File names, forbidden characters: OS X wins
Icons: OS X Wins
Dock vs Taskbar: Tie
Find/Search: OS X Wins
Help: OS X Wins
Keyboard Shortcuts, Universal: OS X Wins
Menu Navigation via the keyboard: XP Wins
Dialog Box Navigation via the keyboard: XP Wins
Navigating the file system via the keyboard: OS X Wins
Keys, non-standard: OS X Wins
Applications, adding/removing: OS X Wins
Video, Playback: OS X Wins
Video, Editing, Overview: No Score
Video, Editing, Filters: OS X Wins
Video, Editing, Transitions: XP Wins
Video, Editing, Titles: XP Wins
Video, Editing, Audio: OS X Wins
DVD/VCD Creation: OS X Wins
Web Browsing: XP Wins
Email: XP Wins
HTML Editing: Tie
Web serving: Tie
Web serving, vulnerabilities: OS X Wins
Basic Chat: OS X Wins
Video/audio Conferencing: XP Wins
Advanced Conferencing: XP Wins
Applications, Miscellaneous, Calculator: No score
Applications, Miscellaneous, Other: No Score
Importing Digital Photos: Tie
Applications, preinstalled- Photo: OS X Wins
Voice Recognition: OS X Wins
Speech Synthesis: OS X Wins
Talking Dialogs: OS X Wins
Networking: Tie (Tie for XP Pro, but Home Edition loses).
Screen Capture: OS X Wins
Schedule Tasks: XP Wins Technically XP Pro wins, but XP Home loses, but I'll give this one to XP anyway
Remote Control: XP Wins Same as above, XP Pro wins but XP Home loses.
Booting from alternate drives: no score
Scriptability, Workflow Automation: OS X Wins
Scriptability, Web Applications: XP Wins
Simple Burning: Tie
CD-RWs: Tie
Advanced Burning: OS X Wins
OS Updates: Mac OS X
Network Installs: ?
Formatting and Checking Disks: Tie
Backup: XP Wins
Disk Cleanup: XP Wins
Disk Defragmenting: XP Wins
Transferring Files and Settings: Tie
System Information: Tie
System Restore: Tie
Miscellaneous: OS X Wins

OS X: 31
Windows XP: 18

was there ever a doubt?

Take a guess as to which is on top :)

(outdated link removed)

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