Installing on blue G3 i-book


Joe Nishikida

I own a G3 Blue i-book with 512 mb ram, 1 internal HD and is currently running Mac OS X (10.2.8)

My problem:

I recently purchased a family pack for the OS X.3. I installed it on my G3 Pismo powerbook and G4 400 desktop without a major hitch. Then I tried to install it on my blue G3 ibook. Now the problems began. When I first installed it, I lost all my icons on my dock. The program names remained when I ran my mouse over it but no icons on the dock. I trashed my dock preferences but the problem remained. I was told to re-install the OS which I did but now I only get the blue screen of the dark side (windows). I took it to a Mac store where they unsuccessfully tried to reinstall it . Finally they reinstalled the OS 10.2.8 and were unable to explain why 10.3 it did not run. I tried to get someone from apple to talk to me but it appears that they are taking my email but haven't responded yet. When it works (OS 10.3) it is great, but it appears that it does not run on all the machines that it claims to run on.

HELP :confused:


hi, I have a blueberry ibook g3 also, and I recently upgraded from Os 9 to Os 10.3. do you have the Mac OS 9 disk that came with your computer? Because I know that when I installed from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS 10.3 panther, it didn't give me any real problems. The only thing I got was the monitor's color sync was all messed up, but that is fixed in the OS 10.3.2 update. So, it might just be easier to take the Jaguar off of there and try installing from the original OS 9.


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