Inserting PCMCIA cards causes 'hang' type behaviour



I am using a 667Mhz Powerbook G4, running 10.3.2

I am having occasional problems when I insert a PCMCIA card, whereby the computer comes (more or less) to a halt.

I can still move the cursor around the screen, but am unable to do anything else. The machine is not totally dead, and occasionally the clock will update or a window will suddenly take account of an action I performed 10 minutes earlier.

I have experimented with running 'top' in a terminal and then inserting the card, and 'top' freezes. For example, I have just inserted a linksys wireless-g card while running top. It froze at 13:43. The clock updated at 1.51. It is now 2:05 and there has been no further change on the screen and the system is stuck.

The linksys wireless-g can cause this problem, but this is not always guaranteed. I also have problems with the memory stick PCMCIA card (by Sony). Usually, with the latter card, the system becomes responsive again after about 5 minutes.

Suggestions welcome.

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