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imovie wedding help (from SD card footage)

Sep 3, 2010
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Hi all,

I need some help on imovie, I'm putting together a dvd from bro-in-law's wedding!

1. Can I fade the picture but not the sound - to smooth out poor transitions but keep the continuity of service going?

2. I need to rescue dark shots for the last dance. Though very dark, I could see the bride and groom when shooting but in imovie they are in full shadow. Attempted to brighten but it just makes black shadow grey!

3. Some of the import footage is missing, even though clips still show in camera playback. Can I focus on these sections to re-import?!

4. Can you reduce sound (ie guests talking during speeches) without compromising the target audio?
Nov 29, 2010
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Warrington, UK
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PPC Mini, 10.4.11. Intel Mini, 10.6.8. MacBook Pro, 10.14.6. M1 MBA 11.6.3 iPhone 5 iOS 12.5,
1. Yes. With the clip in a Project, Ctrl/Right click at the point where you want the fade to start and select Split Clip. Select the bad bit, click on the cogwheel and adjust the colours in Video Adjustments. Insert a transition between the two to smooth it out.

2. To a certain extent. Select the clip, again in a Project, click on the gearwheel and in Video Adjustment experiment with the various sliders(probably starting with the Exposure one) and see what you get.

3. Don't know. Try dragging them into Finder and use MPEGStreamclip to export them to Quicktime, using the Apple Intermidiate Codec option.

4. No.

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