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imovie and idvd

Mar 30, 2005
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So i went and used imovie for the very first time and found it to be quite simple and easy to use. I was testing the program out by importing about 30 minutes of video onto my ibook g4 and after some tinkering I managed to export it to idvd. I'm not really sure how idvd works just yet but I don't have a dvd burner in my laptop and was wondering if I could export the whatever file mac's make to my pc desktop and use my burner to make the final dvd. My cousin was concerned that the file format mac may use is not compatible with a pc's file system (fat32/ntfs) or that nero may not recognize the idvd file.

I would rather not have to spend another 150 bucks on a superdrive for my new ibook. It would require me to return my ibook to the store and wait for a custom ordered unit.

Can anyone here tell me if I can stick with my combo drive and export idvd files to my pc desktop and burn the discs on that?

Thanks a million
Oct 30, 2004
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San Antonio, Texas
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PowerMac G4 Cube 450mhz 832mb
I think you should be able to export as an iso or other format that nero can burn, or if you could borrow an external dvd burner from a friend, and hook it up to your ibook, you could burn it that way. I don't use imovie or idvd very much, this is just my first guess at a possible solution.:mac: