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iMovie 10.0.6 & Blu-ray

Jan 13, 2007
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Hi All

I am so sorry if this has been posted or asked before. To be honest, I'm absolutely sick to death of this subject and the endless questions that spring from it, but I thought I would ask the experts as I seem to have headed down a cul-de-sac and can only reverse out! Anyway, here goes.

I have used many video editors in the past with varying success. I took the plunge this year and bought a HD camcorder that records in AVCHD and I have been very pleased with the results. I managed to edit the footage in FCE 4 and burn a DVD which was fine, but obviously this was in SD.

I then tried iMovie (which I have always hated with a passion) and found, on the third or fourth attempt, that it was not as bad as I had previously experienced, but again, I had to export to DVD. Since then, I have bought a Blu-ray burner and invested in Adobe Premiere Elements 12 for Mac, and after much messing around, managed to edit and author/burn a Blu-ray disc with excellent results. So why this post?

Adobe Premiere Elements was a REAL pain to use. It was incredibly glitchy, it crashed on numerous occasions, some edited footage retained the content I had cut out (how, I do not know) and audio & video transitions required TOO much work in order to work correctly.

So now I ask (before I go back to iMovie and spend hours trying to do something it may not do) if I can do the following:

1. Can I edit my AVCHD content in iMovie (10.0.6) and export it in a suitable file to burn to Blu-ray (retaining maximum quality ) successfully ?

2. Could I import the said file into Premiere Elements in order to author it for Blu-Ray as I have no other authoring app at the moment.

3. If none of the above apply....what can I edit the footage on that will give me excellent results on a Blu-ray disc.

Sorry for the ramble, but as I said at the top...I'm just about sick and tired of trying different editing methods with varying results.

Please help.

Aug 19, 2014
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Honestly for editing i would use Final cut studio it does cost a bit but at least you can write a better blu-ray disk and get better quality or you could try your option of adobe premier and see if you can get it from there.

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