iMac startup problems! (problem regarding "invalid key length, 4,444")



My brother was on the iMac opening Appleworks 6 when a message from the Finder appeared notifying him of a problem with "key length"
Using Disk First Aid to "verify" the Hard Drive, a problem was diagnosed...
Invalid key length, 4,444
Disk First Aid was unable to repair the problem.
I then tried to Update the Driver (as Mac Help suggested)
I restarted the iMac once; then my brother restarted it.
The iMac failed to boot properly, instead showing a folder icon with a blinking question mark.

A friend told me to try loading with the Startup Disc/Disk (?) and all I could find was the Software Restore CD.

I loaded the CD by holding down C upon startup. I successfully restored the hard drive software with this function, restarting the comp and held down the mouse to eject the CD, the comp began to load again... the system began to start up, and then froze...

I've restarted once again... the comp has frozen again...

I restarted holding the SHIFT key and the comp still froze upon startup.



I use all three of the major utilities, Norton's, Techtool and DiskWarrior. In my experience DiskWarrior is the only one that will reliably repair key length errors.

Good Luck

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