Imac G5 big problems

May 27, 2009
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a while back I bought a I-Mac G5 with I sight (dont know if thats relevant)
I dont remeber the model number since it's with my girlfriend uncle who tried to fix it because we thought it was a hardware issue but now we aren't to sure.

let me explain the situation;
I bought it second hand from a girl, when i saw it all seemed fine! the OS was running normally and the hardware looked amazing aswell.
When I got it home i turned it on and i did a software update.
That was when the trouble started.

I somehow got all kinds of weird particles on the screen, it didn't go black it just altered the colours of the screen. I don't know what this issue is called and thus i can't find any related pictures.

However when i got this i tried to reinstall the OS, it had Leopard installed.
When i put in the CD all seemed to work ok, it deinstalled the existing software to reinstall the new software however it never got to that point.
After it was done deinstalling it gave an error message and then i had to shut it down. I wasn't able to do anything anymore.

When i bought it i never recieved the installation discs so i had to use the ones from my macbook which seemed like a big mistake. However when i trie to install it again it just gives an error message telling me it isn't the right install for this mac.

However, long story short, i threw 300 euros in the trash can and burned it!
Anyone know of this issue or know what version CD i would need? like serials and such?

Thanks in advanced, sorry for the long story!
Nov 25, 2005
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Your macbook install disk won't work because it's tied to the macbook series and intel processor. You'll need to find a retail copy of Leopard (10.5) if you want to reinstall. This will work for PPC or Intel.

I'm not sure what you mean by uninstalling leopard, did you format the drive? This seems unlikely given that your tried to use an intel disk. Can you elaborate on this?

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