iMac crash with power outage not rebooting

Nov 11, 2011
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So, my sob story is that my iMac 27" lost power during a freak power outage and I haven't been able to restart it. When it "crashed" there was a kids disc in there for a game that I managed to eject. I've tried resetting the PRAM, starting in safe mode and reinstalling from a disc per this forums other trouble shooting threads.

I get the grey start up, "noise", and spinning wheel of death... but it never stops. Occasional "crunchy" hardware sounds too.

I'm not sure if the connection is being made between my keyboard and computer or not because the keyboard light goes out after I power it up and doesn't flash or anything when any buttons are pressed. I can't get the caps lock to light up either and tried switching out batteries and everything!

Does anyone have any suggestions for me to try to restart safely... I think the last back up with my time machine might of been before we move last year (believe me I'm kicking myself hard!). I'd love to try and restart without losing data obviously but I guess a time machine backup on june 2010 is better than nothing ;)

Oh, am also not very tech savvy so barney style is preferred!!

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Nov 28, 2007
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Blue Mountains NSW Australia
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Silver M1 iMac 512/16/8/8 macOS 11.6
G'day and welcome to the forums.

Have you tried SMC reset and a PRAM reset?

SMC reset turn off power at mains and remove plug from socket and leave it off for a minute or two and reconnect and see if it starts. To zap the PRAM, immediately after the chime, hold down the Command, Option, P and R keys all together and keep held down until you hear a second and then third chime. Release and if any luck may be a goer.

Try booting without the kb and mouse attached. And time machine is not bootable alas.

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