iMac and more RAM




Was giv'n a "Green Imac". (333, 32MB , 6GIG HDD)

I was trying to find some cheap RAM to slap in. I build a LOT of PC's, and usually buy RAM from Crucial. However, I want to go cheap, and am trying to find the right stuff (PriceWatch).
I Understand I only have one DIMM slot for a new stick. Meaning once I upgrade, I wont be able to ues the 32MB that's in there. is this correct?

Also this thing says it has an ATI vid card. Can i upgrade the video RAM as well?

Im pricewatch'n.. and Ebay'n... just dont want to buy the wrong stuff. My YellowDog Linux is chug'n....

can anybody link me to a stick of 128 (or 64 if i can still use the 32 with the new one -96MB is kewl too) for cheap?



Try I got a 256mb stick for the same machine as you have there from them. I just checked and they have it for $58.99 plus shipping. They ship VERY fast and I was very pleased with their service.

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