im ready to buy a new G4 powerbook



Hey guys, i finally got enough dough to buy a powerbook. Im thinking a 15" because the 12" resolution is a bit to small for me. I was looking at the options and wanted to know what to get/ what not to get, or even if anyone knows if a G5 laptop is coming out soon? One option is the hard drive, is the 5400 rpm 80 gig alot faster then the 4200 80gb? also for ram theres 2 options for 512 of ram, one is $100 more, whats the difference? last question is it worth buying the backlit keyboard and airport card? i do run a dell wifi router
Jul 22, 2003
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I would not bet my money on a G5 PowerBook until possible winter of this year

I am not sure how noticable the difference between 5400 and 4200 rpm's is. I have a 4200 and its fine for me

The two options of ram depends on how many dimms you get. It is 100 more for 1 single stick of 512 ram. the cheaper one is 2 sticks of 256. The only reason to go for the 1 stick is if you plan to upgrade some more later on.

Your Airport Card will work with your dell router so I would go for the airport card and the backlit keyboard is all based on personal preference


I'm going to disagree with trpnmonkey about the G5 book - as the G5 Xserves were introduced at Macworld (an intermediate step to G5 books, cooling- and power-wise), and IBM has announced that they've managed to cut the amount of power the G5 uses in half (it's now only about 1.5 times what the current G4 Powerbook processor uses, if I remember correctly). I think we'll see a G5 book sometime around summer.

But that's just me :)

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