I'm making the MAC switch!

Mar 16, 2007
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Hey everyone in the MAC world.

I am planning to buy a mac, very soon, but I am very clueless when it comes to MACs.

I am planning to buy a G5, USED. I want to throw AE 7 and Photoshop CS on there.

Is there anything I need to know?
What is the top of the line, g5?
is 4gig of ram enough?
Should I save for a Mac Pro?

How much should I be expecting to spend for a used G5.
will 1200-1500 be sufficed.
is a 2.3 or 2.5 ghz the fastest of the G5 class?

This is the stats on my computer at work. is it good?

Power Mac G5
Machine Model: PowerMac11,2
CPU Type: PowerPC G5 (1.1)
Number Of CPUs: 2
CPU Speed: 2.3 GHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 1 MB
Memory: 4.5 GB

should I try aand get the same thing?

Where is the best place to buy a used MAC?

I got so many Qs, please help.
Apr 29, 2006
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Mac Studio, M1 Max, 32 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD
Hi bryanisfishing, welcome to Mac Forums!!!

As you can see from my signature block, I have pretty much the same machine at home that you have at work. I can personally vouch for its performance running Photoshop.

The dual 2.7 GHz was the fastest G5 released, but they were replaced by the quad 2.5 GHz models. IMHO, the dual 2.3 GHz is a fine machine. I have been very happy with it.

I would not bother saving for a Mac Pro. For now at least, things like Photoshop and Microsoft Office will run much faster on the PowerMac than the Mac Pro, since the Mac Pro has to run them under Rosetta.

4 GB of RAM may be more than you need. I am running 2.5 GB of RAM, and I can see from MenuMeters that I have never exhausted my available RAM. So you may be able to save some $$ by dropping to about 2 GB.

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