im gonna switch soon...

Apr 19, 2007
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Aussie In Ontario
Your Mac's Specs
still dreamin...
ok doing homework right now finding all the info i think my hubby will need in order to get me a mac... and make him switch...;)

right now we have a vista machine that we just upgraded... so hes set for all his games he wants...

me i want to be able to process my RAW images.. I am wanting a Macbook... but hubby cant justify the expense of a Macbook pro... and neither can i
so i guess my question is... Can the MacBook Basic entry level with added ram to 1GB do this for me...i dont play games.. and most likely i will just want to be running PSE5.. since i cant find PSP for mac.... Does GIMP work MAC??

the reason i want the MacBook over an iMac is that summer is here i have a 2 yr old that wants to play outside i want to be able to work outside with him being safe under my eye

i have many more questions... pertaining to the world of wireless networking.. but ill leave that for now... as i not wanna make you read a

thank you guys for this wonderful forum...
Apr 3, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
Black MacBook 2GB, Mac Pro 2.66Ghz 3GB X1900.
1GB will do, 2GB if you need to work with big files.

There are native ports of GIMP which are cutdown and a full blown version that requires an X11 server.

iPhoto can do the basic adjustments to RAW files.

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