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idvd4 question...plz help



I have used idvd3 many a times for my videos that i make and put onto dvd...but along came a dvd that needed to be longer than 60min, so i went out and bought iLife 04' (so now i have idvd4...2 hours yea!!!)

only problem is, it seems to take a lot longer to burn a dvd....today i tired burning the same DVD a couple different times (different DVD-R's aswell) as well as making a new theme (same video) just changing it up, and it always get stuck at "Stage 3: Asset Encoding". Maybe its just me and im being bitchy and not letting it run long enough to see if it ever makes it to stage 4...or whatever stage is "multi-plexing and burning" or does idvd4 only have 3 stages? and i going crazy? or does anyone know what I am talking about or have the same problem? what am i doing wrong?


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When I was using iMovie and Toast 6, it would take many hours to create and burn a DVD. I would usually start my creation and brun process and go to bed.

I started playing with iDVD 4. also because I had video that is longer than 60 minutes. It appears to me that it does take some time to create and burn the DVD. I also have an older model powerbook.

I suggest just wait, it will complete the task.

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