iCloud Problems with syncing

Oct 13, 2011
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I am having problems with my iCloud syncing.

I have upgraded my iPhone to ios5 and my macbook pro to the most up to date software. after i did that, i then synced my iPhone and enabled the settings for iCloud. i have also enabled wifi sync on the iTunes summary, and in the preferences pane enabled the music and apps to be synced over wifi. The same goes for the iPhone, i have enabled the music and apps to be synced in the settings.

So this is the problem, i have updated my iTunes songs and even added appointments into my calendars. i was under the impression that when you plug your iPhone into a charger and lock the screen (as long as it and your mac are connected to wifi) it should automatically sync changes between the devices. however this isn't the case. i have even tried to do a manual wireless sync through the general settings but my songs still won't update. when i click on the iTunes wifi sync option on my iPhone it just says, 'looking for james's macbook' and nothing happens.

I don't know what to do as the devices are linked to the same wifi (my university public wifi) and it still won't work.

Please help me solve this problem

Thank you

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