iCloud on Windows and Snow Leopard?

Jan 14, 2006
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I have a few questions about iCloud that I'm not having luck finding a good answer.

1) I heard a rumor that Apple will release an update that allows Snow Leopard to support iCloud. Anyone hear anything about this? I think they should have supported it with an update or an app like they do in Windows. Pretty Lame if my Windows system can use it but not my Mac.

2) Merging 2 Apple ID accounts - I've had an Apple ID for iTunes for quite some time that I use to purchase music and Apps for the iPhone. I also have had a Mobile Me Account for over a year. The Mobile Me account had a different login ID which I have since migrated to an iCloud account. To get my calendar to sync, had to use the mobile me account I used for iCloud. My Music and Apps are on the other Apple ID. Is there anyway to go to one ID? In my searches of the web, seems like you can't actually merge the accounts, but I haven't found any solutions, work-a-rounds, etc. Any ideas?

3) Photo Stream not working on Windows System even with everything installed and setup on the windows system, my iPhone. Any ideas?
Mar 13, 2011
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Unfortunately I had the same issue (2 different ID's), while searching apple support they said there is no way to merge accounts. For me, I have started purchasing apps with my MM/ICloud account.

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