iCloud issues

Nov 3, 2011
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I have a macbook, ipad2 and iphone 3gs. All have iCloud loaded.
1. All the contacts on my macbook became duplicated, I deleted the duplicates but then many contacts disappeared altogether. Fortunately I also have a Time Machine so all is not lost.
2. Contacts have loaded onto my iPad and iPhone but many are missing.
3. I restored all of my contacts on my macbook from the backup on the Time Machine so now many but not all are duplicated. I tried to the remove duplicates using the 'Look for duplicates function under the card menu when in Address Book. This only removed a few, maybe half a dozen.
4. iCloud does not seem to sync.
5. If I could get to a point where the info on all 3 units (macbook, iPad & iPhone) was the same and alterations to any were mirrored on the other 2 units then I could manually delete duplicates.

What might I be doing wrong, please.

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