iBook - Need some help, going to sell it



hey all, I got my iBook back in september of 2000, when the new ones first came out. I wanted to know what you guys think it's worth. I'm going to get a 12" TiBook soon, so I can't decide if i should sell it or keep it.

500 Mhz
320 MB Ram (64 onboard/256 upgraded)
10 Gig HD
1 broken pixel, but you can't notice it unless someone points it out
I can install os x (10.x.x)
all original cd's and manuals
original box
was shipped to apple for a cd-rom replacment due to a defective lazer
all ports are in working order, just the modem is a tad loose (still works like a charm)
the battery is deader than a doornail, so it definatly needs a new battery in order to be portable. It works for about 4 or 5 minutes in Jaguar then goes to sleep
Also, there are some marks in it, because i took off the plastic body of it. Nothing big, doesn't effect the operation.

That's about it. Some minor scratches in the plastic, but that's just from bringing it to school and on the road.

After all that, I think I'm going to just keep it, because I wont get much for it. Unless, someone wants/needs an iBook bad and are willing to buy it for about $600 USD... :D

thank's for reading.


PS: What model should I get of the TiBook? Superdrive or no superdrive?

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