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I was wondering if there is a need to change my LCD screen(which means the whole top cover of ibook) while under warranty (5mths old), how much would it cost? Cos there is a tiny white spot on the screen and there a while piece of plastic sticking out on the corner of the screen. And if apple won't replace for me, i will have to pay for a whole new cover as it has been bugging me and i was careless not to check it properly in the first place. Any one knows the cost? And is the internal bluetooth installed inside the cover of ibook as well? cos if it is...then i could ask apple to do the installation for me as well since i am gonna pay so much.Hope some of you can help me out regarding the above enquires. Cheers!


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If you have Applecare you should not have a problem. I also think Apple has a one year warranty, so i would take to my nears Apple store and have them check it out. As for the cost of a replacement LCD screen (12in $399. and the 14in $449 - "pbparts").

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