iBook 933 fan on, wont startup



So recently I added a 512mb stick of crucial ram to my 933 G4 and it won't startup. Well right after I installed the ram it booted up just fine, but after that whenever I try to boot it up, it just kicks the fans on and lets them go on for a long time, without ever starting it up. Once the fan goes off I usually can start it up after that, but no guarentees. This last time was the worst; after i hit power, you could hear hard drives and everything getting power, and then there would be the **** fan again. Irritated by this I lifted up the keyboard and pulled the Extreme card out of the socket and pushed it back in, and then the iBook booted up. Not sure what is going on, but I paid good money for this laptop because I was buying a quality machine. Should not be having these issues. Anybody know what the deal is?


well since the the problem started happening after adding another co's RAM, I would not blame the iBook. call Crucial and see what they say..maybe you can exchange the RAM and see if that's the problem...if the iBook was just fine before the add-on then it must be the RAM..right?

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