I want to switch ~ need some guidance



I also am considering switching to MAC. QUite frankly, I have been considering for the past two years.

However, like everyone else I too am on a tight budget now.

My workplace is PC based. My home network consists of three desktop PC's and one Window base laptop.

I use my system for creating webpages and video editing.

At one time I was considering installing the LINUX Os on one of my PC's to learn it but did not have the time. I still have the TurboLinux V.6 software.

But lets cut to the chase. I am pretty sure that sometime this year I am going to bite the bullet and but some type of MAC at the very least to just learn it.

I would like to be able to create webpages and edit my videos. What would you suggest I start out with? Is it hard to learn how to operate the MAC.

I too am well versed with PC's and have earned a little bit of money fixing and installing the hardware/software.

I want to be converted. Convert me :)


As for hardware, for being on a budget i hear the eMac is a decent choice, but coming from a PC background you'll probably be more comfortable getting a G4 or (budget willing) G5 tower. :) If you intend to get a G5, it might be a good idea to wait until they introduce the next model (rumors say it'll be 2.5Ghz) so the prices drop on the current ones.

If you mean "What software", iMovie (included with the OS) is definitely the best place to start editing videos on a Mac. As for webpages, I'd use Mozilla Composer or (again, budget willing) Dreamweaver.


And for web pages, If you wanted to creat one just for yourself, you should try .Mac , and its iDisk is good for transfering files.
Jan 8, 2004
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Your Mac's Specs
2GHz C2D macbook
get the G4 tower. G5 still needs to be "polished" its not yet perfect and its expensive!
eMAC? is nice mashine. i have got one:) i do some video and imaging on it. works fine for me. can handle 200 MB image flawlesly. video rendering? well it just takes time, a lots if it:)
go for G4 tower. its fast and cheap.


Personally, if you're in the market, I'd look into the PowerBook line. Basically, you can do anything with a 15" PowerBook that you can do with a desktop. they're extremely functional, VERY fast, and best of all....portable.

I have an iBook G4 933 and it has COMPLETELY replaced my XP box.

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