i have got my new ibookG4



by the way, how can we maximise my window of Safari?even i clicked the maximise button:(
how can i change the contrast of screen?
i am at home, so i did not insert my battery,only using AC, is that ok?
How can i access other computer in my house(lan has been careated)


congrats :)

the green button doesn't have the same behaviour as the maximize button in windows. in os x, it just resizes the chosen window to what is the ideal size (chosen by the developer). anything beyond that has to be done manually

i dont think you can change the contrast, just gamma and brightness. download supercal so you can calibrate your display and colours for optimal quality

using it while connected to AC without the battery is fine, just dont leave the battery unused for very long otherwise it'll fall into deep-discharge and may not be able to hold a charge

assuming your other computers are running Windows, share some folders on them and then on your iBook activate Finder (either by clicking on the desktop or browsing the HD) and press apple+K

connect to smb://name_of_compter/sharename
ie. smb://bedroom/music

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