I GOT MY iMac G3 600Mhz, IT KICKS A##!

Jun 25, 2004
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Luxemburg, Europe
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PowerMac G5 Dual 2GHz (June 2004), 2.5GB, Airport, black 5G iPod 30GB, white MacBook 2.0 2GB
The PowerMac G4 has become my main computer. Before, I had several PCs, and the Macs aside to play around with and learn about Macs. None of them was powerful enough for me to use it as main computer.
I still have a PC aside, but actually, I only use it to learn more about networking between MacOS and Windows, and to try out Windows updates before installing them on family or friends computer. Unfortunately, I didn't manage yet to convince those people to buy a Mac. ;)

There's no lock that prevents you from using Panther on 2 computer, but it's illegal. But you can buy Panther as family pack, which means you have 5 licenses, so you can install it on 5 Macs. Maybe you can split up the costs for Panther with your mum, so both of you could save money :)
Just checked prices:
Mac OS X 10.3 single user 229,- AUD
Mac OS X 10.3 family pack 349,- AUD (so 174.50 for each of you ;) )

What do you mean with upgrade edition??


I have serious dial up trouble. It says "No dial tone" or when I connect the status changes to disconnect while trying to connect.


I have FINALLY wored out what it is (I think). My phoneline's fitting is too big. I have to move the fitting about and not wait till it clicks when putting the fitting in, but instead leave it out a bit. I probably just need another fitting :)

I am getting Panther too ;)

Now these problems are worked out, I'm happy :D

Thanks everyone for your help

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