How to connect a Windows XP computer to a Mac network

Apr 13, 2010
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Ok, I am sure this question has been asked many times, but I have searched for it and only find the following results:

1. Guides to connect a Mac to a Windows domain/workgroup. (*not* what I want to do!)

2. Guides to connect a *single* Mac to a *single* Windows PC. (also *not* what I want to do!)

I want to learn how to connect a Windows XP PC to a Mac network (ie a cluster of Mac computers all networked together) such that any Mac on the network can access the shared files on the Windows PC.

Does anyone know a link to a tutorial that explains this? Or is this impossible and the only work-around is to network one of the Macs to the PC and then have all the other Macs route through the host Mac?

Nov 25, 2005
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Your Mac's Specs
Macbook Air 11" (2012), Macbook Pro 15" (Early 2008), Mac Mini i5 (2012)
Assuming you've already setup a common username to login as or a group of usernames:

1. Establish where the shared folder will be on the XP machine
2. Setup folder sharing for the above mentioned folder (right click, properties, sharing)
3. Check under the security tab that your username(s) or groups have the proper permissions.
4. On your macs, in the finder, go to the "go" menu and select "connect to server"
5. enter smb:// followed by either your XP machine's dns name or IP address

If you've followed all steps you should be good to go.

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