how does Blog's updating work?

Mar 20, 2007
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I just finished my web about a week ago and now I would like to feed my blog page with some info, however I am not quite sure how does it work, If there's a thread already there where I would like to add more info or just keep it up to date with what it's going on... Do I need to delete what I put there first, and do it like that everytime I would like to update it or I should add the new info as Comment?


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Apr 23, 2007
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Coatesville, PA
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That's kind of up to how you want it to go, but I'd say don't delete old entries. You can always edit a blog entry and add 'Updated: blah blah blah' at the end of it so people know what the update is vs the original text. Or you can add a new entry with the updated information, which will appear at the top of your blog, and is probably a slightly better way to do it, depending on how often you want to update your blog.

Basically if you are doing updates, you don't want the information to get lost, so you want to do what makes the most sense. If you are email a link to a specific blog entry to friends, you may want to simply update the old one with some notes at the bottom of the original entry. If you are relying on people to just browse to your blog, you want that information near to the top in case they don't scroll down to read too many past articles.

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