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How Do You Predict File Size in iMovie BEFORE Exporting!

Oct 1, 2011
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Help! This is driving me crazy and I have tried everything & looked everywhere- including throughout these forums.

How do I tell how big a file is going to be in iMovie BEFORE hitting "Export", waiting an hour, then seeing that it is 8 freakin Gigs!!! Then going back into Quicktime export, changing the settings, & trying it AGAIN and waiting another hour!! Shouldn't you be able to change the export settings & see a prediction of how much bigger/smaller the file will be based on the changes you made??

It seems that iMovie doesnt offer this feature? You just have to "wait & see"? Seriously? PLEASE tell me this isnt true. I heard all this great stuff about Macs...

Also, on a similar note, it seems that using Quicktime to export HD video only gives you 2 options: small file size and CRAPPY quality, or pretty good quality & HUGE file size! (like 8GBs for a 7min video clip) Is there something in between? I would like to produce 5-10min HD 1080 vids for under 1GB- is that impossible on a Mac using iMovie?

THANK YOU for any help anyone can provide!

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