How do you "disconnect" from network



Ok here is my setup. I have a Dlink wireless router. I have a Duron 850MHz wired to it. I have my iBook connected wirelessly to the network and I have an Alienware (P4 2.8GHz) connected to the mac with a cable (using macs internet sharing capability. works great btw because I don't have a wireless card in my Alienware).

Now I have a printer connected to the Duron so when I want to print something I have to send the file to the Duron and print it. The problem is when I take my iBook to school and turn it on I start getting all these messages telling me that it has lost connection to "blah blah" network drive and "blah blah" network drive. About 7 of these windows come up asking if i would like to disconnect. I'm obviously not connected to the network anymore so it obviously can't connect to the computer.

Is there a way to tell it to disconnect from the computer before I take it away from the network? This only happens when I access the other computer over the network. If I look at the network but don't actually access it then I wont have this problem.


yea i have that same problem, even if you tell it to disconnect its like it doesn't listen.

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