How do I burn a FCP project to dvd new imac -w no idvd or built in optical drive??

May 5, 2011
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Hey computer savvy friends out there. I am looking to buy a new Imac for video editing purposes. But I am a little hesitant and bummed because I learned that the new Imac desktop does not have an optical dvd drive. (meaning I would have to buy an external dvd drive if I wanted to burn my Final Cut Projects to dvd to give to my friends.) SO my question is does anybody have the new imac and does it come with idvd? (so I could put my project on a physical copy)If not, how would I burn my FCP projects to dvd?? Even if I did bite the bullet and buy an external optical dvd drive(which is ridiculous on Apples part) could I buy an app or idvd so I could transfer/burn my FCP movie to dvd?? This is a major flaw on Apples part, I see what they are doing(trying to get everyone to distribute home movies to friends and relatives via download (iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, whatever) rather than mailing them a DVD. But I would still like to give my friends a physical copy of my movie..maybe I may have to go with a mac book?? Anyone got any info??


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Jan 23, 2008
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Not a major flaw, it's called progress. Besides, the slot loading drives that Apple has used for years are prone to failure.

iMac desktops since 2012 do not have an optical drive. You can buy an external drive almost anywhere for less than $40.00. And unless you have an older copy of iDVD, it's no longer provided with OS X. You can, however, download the free "Burn" and use it instead.

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